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In 1985, a group of motivated parents, teachers and local businesses came together out of frustration and concern. With a spike in alcohol and drug use among teens, High School graduation had turned into a weekend long party. The amount of DUI's during what should be a time of celebration and embracing the future, was escalating and the loss of life was on everyone's mind.

So a night of fun and games was planned. But not just a night - a complete 8 hour extravaganza full of games, giveaways, entertainment and food. (lots of food.) Everything for this epic event was donated by the community and in June of 1986 the first Drug and Alcohol free party took place for Roseburg High School grads. At that time, the Umpqua Community College Campus was used but it wasn't long before the party was moved on site to RHS.

Going strong for 32 years, this event would never be possible without the continued community support. we are always in need of volunteers so please check out how you can be of help here (link to volunteer signup) If you would like to support our event by becoming one of our sponsors you can get more information here


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